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The world is my playground. I have Moroccan roots, my ancestors come from the Middle East and I am Belgian. Travelling gives me energy and I speak fluently different languages. Besides Dutch and Arabic, you can hear me speak passionately in French, English and Spanish. Thanks to my multicultural background, I feel very diverse and I have a lot of stories to tell that can help you in your growth-process.

Since 2008 I have been giving keynotes and coaching based on my own personal journey towards success and satisfaction. Because I want to inspire, motivate and guide people in their personal development I have founded Rachieve. 
Rachid + achieve stands for the life experiences and lessons that I share to help others achieve their goals.

My story

“I was born in 1976 in a small village in Morocco. We lived in the house of my grandparents. We didn’t have any electricity or running water and lived a simple but hard life. We got water from a well that was a couple of kilometers away, to reach the next city we had to walk 10 km. The turning-point in my life was when my father decided to leave Morocco. Looking for a better life we arrived in Belgium. I was thirteen. Along the years I learned that if I wanted to accomplish my dreams, I had to work very hard. I was an introvert and as the only immigrant at school I was bullied and lost all my self-confidence. I worked on my weaknesses and learned to turn them into strengths that could help me achieve my goals. After college, I found after only three job interviews a job by using my roots as an advantage and by doing this avoid discrimination. This gave me the room to expand my boundaries. Thanks to my next job, I got the chance to get out of my shell and become more of a social person. All the pieces came together and I decided to help others as a keynote speaker and motivational coach by using my personal journey.”

My common thread

My keynotes create a guaranteed impact on your business and in your personal life and during my Back to Basics trips I guide you so you can reconnect with yourself.

How should you set up goals in life and make a plan to know which way you would like to go? My goal is to teach you how you can improve your life. This is my common thread. Everything starts with an individual. If you are conscious about your goals, only then you can help to achieve the goals of your company. Knowing why you get out of bed in the morning and what your mission is in life is essential for success!

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