Keynote about efficient and profound communication

The right communication

Efficient communication is crucial for every social interaction. In this keynote I share with you the processes that are needed to understand communication, how you can recognize and handle confusing signals and how you can eliminate noise. We do this firstly by listening, because that is the foundation for successful communication.

Over the years, I transformed from a shy and hesitant person into someone that speaks in front of a large audience without any issues or someone that can convince a prospect to become a client. Communicating is something that you can learn. I developed techniques to get the most out of every conversation and I will share these with you together with the needed insights about listening because these are the foundation for successful and profound communication.

All communication starts with listening or how I like to call it “total listening”. Because listening is done in different levels. Body language, listening between the lines and silences are all important parts of communication and essential for leadership.

The importance of profound communication

Whether if you are having a sales pitch, a job interview or giving a speech, it is important to have a profound connection with the other person or audience. Learn to listen at a higher level and learn to respond into the needs of the other party in this keynote about the right communication. Having the right focus at the right time, a connection with the other person and the right responses make a successful tool out of communication.

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As a professional keynote speaker, Rachid uses his work experience and multicultural background to help his audience achieve more in their life and career. With a passion for stories he takes them on a fascinating journey that shows the strength of a personal brand, how diversity can be a benefit and how goals, change and the right communication can help you grow.

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