Keynote about growing by goals


With the right mindset individuals and companies can make a giant leap forward and grow. In this keynote about the purpose of a mission I give insights on the power of goals. Because growth, it’s all in the mind.

To be able to grow, you need a sense of purpose. The reason why you get out of bed in the morning or that thing that makes your heart beat faster, that is your motivation to achieve a goal. I will share with you what motivation consists of, how you can motivate yourself or your employees and how tremendous results can be within easy reach.

Setting up goals in life or as a mission for your company is a process of searching, explaining and motivating. When an employee understands the essence of the mission and knows his own personal goals, he can truly commit to achieving the company mission. Setting up goals is a powerful tool for everyone that wants to know why they get out of bed in the morning.

The importance of goals

Setting up goals consists of more than just numbers. Satisfaction for employees contributes to better results for the company. Get to know what the right mindset and motivation is to achieve goals in this keynote about the purpose of a mission. To be able to grow, you need satisfied employees.

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As a professional keynote speaker, Rachid uses his work experience and multicultural background to help his audience achieve more in their life and career. With a passion for stories he takes them on a fascinating journey that shows the strength of a personal brand, how diversity can be a benefit and how goals, change and the right communication can help you grow.

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