Keynote about a powerful first impression

Personal branding

How do you make sure the opposite party gets a positive first impression about you? In this keynote about personal branding, you learn techniques to sell yourself and to “charm” others. Personal branding is selling yourself as a strong brand.

Selling yourself as strong brand, it is a process that I had to work on for a lot of years. Quickly, I discovered that your own personal brand is essential, both in your personal life and in your professional life. During this keynote you will join me in my story; how I, with my migration background had to live with prejudices, how I discovered the power of a first impression as a sales employee.

Personal branding helps you to achieve your goals. By selling yourself first, you pave the way for the goal you are working on. To be successful, you firstly have to charm the opposite party. Sales teams, entrepreneurs, applicants, … everyone that wants to leave a positive first impression can benefit from personal branding.

The importance of personal branding

Change the power of a first impression into your benefit. It is scientifically proven that people make a judgement about someone in the first few seconds after they meet. During these deciding seconds, you can leave a memorable and positive impression. Whether you want to improve your sales skills or want to start a conversation with more confidence, personal branding is essential to be successful in the business world or in your personal life.

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As a professional keynote speaker, Rachid uses his work experience and multicultural background to help his audience achieve more in their life and career. With a passion for stories he takes them on a fascinating journey that shows the strength of a personal brand, how diversity can be a benefit and how goals, change and the right communication can help you grow.

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