Join us on a trip to Morocco and go Back to Basics. You stay five days with a local family in the beautiful Rif mountains, where you get the time to reconnect with yourself. By living simply and being close to nature, you get a clear answer on all your questions. I guide this trip and coach you in your personal growth. This trip can make the difference for you. 

What does a day in the Rif mountains look like?

During these five meaningful days, you get the chance to redefine your life. With a group of like-minded people, you live in a remote area in the Rif mountains. We are welcome in the house of a local family and we will live like them: humble. Working on the fields together, making long walks in nature, visiting a blue city where time seems to have stood still. We pick olives and make our own bread. Simple but delicious food. We collect memories and experiences. In other words, we go back to the basics, with each other and with nature. Thanks to the beautiful and quiet environment, you take a break from the chaotic world and recharge your energy.

Why is this a getaway trip?

During our days together we connect with what is really important in life. How does a happy life look like for you? And what changes do you need to make to live the life you really want and deserve? You learn which steps you have to take to build your strategy in life. I will also share with you five core competences that you can implement in your daily life: respect, credibility, honesty, humility and generosity. We take time for your personal growth and I will support you in this.

A shiatsu session with an expert is also on the planning. Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique that will help you get more clarity about your own condition. You get conscious about how your body reacts to external factors like stress and pressure. Furthermore, the Rif mountains are a smartphone-free zone, this allows you to have the rest you need to truly connect with yourself. After these five days you will know where you want to go in life and how you can get there because I will tell you how you can take the next steps in your life. The result? Break-throughs that will help you live the life you love. Welcome!

You will be supporting a charity

By participating on our trips, you support the local people of the Rifs. A part of the profits will go directly to our host family.

You can also donate things if you would like to.

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“A very special experience!

During these 5 days you live in a different world, a world close to nature where time and WiFi are not central and where you gradually get detached from all material things.

The incredible hospitality of the family, where sharing and togetherness are central, makes you think about what is really important in life.

Ninety-five percent of what ended up on our plate came from their garden. In this way you pay attention to the fact how much time, love, labor and care it requires to prepare a meal.

Five days seem short, but long enough to bring you back to the essence of life.

Thanks to Rachid and his team to realize all this and to the family for their hospitality.

– Back to Basics participant

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Rachid Et-Taïbi

Organizer & Guide Back to Basics


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