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The power of doing nothing
to go back to our essence.


“Knowing why you wake up and
what your purpose in life is, is a must for success”


Rachid Et-Taïbi transformed from an invisible student to a successful keynote speaker and motivational coach. Thanks to his past, he is able to share life lessons and experiences through five powerful keynotes that will leave an impact on your business and your personal life.

Born in Morocco, he arrived as a young teenager with his family in Belgium. A better life was their mission but Rachid quickly discovered that this life wouldn’t present itself on a silver platter. He decided that if he wanted to be successful, he had to change his life drastically. “It was impossible to achieve my dreams if I didn’t change my state of mind.” Gradually Rachid managed to find five elements that are needed to achieve his goals and be successful. By following these five elements, his dreams came true one by one.

Five powerful keynotes that will leave an impact


A powerful first impression

A few seconds, that is the time you have to leave a first impression. It is this first impression that counts. Personal branding or how to sell yourself is crucial to achieve your goals. Learn techniques to sell yourself and to “charm” others.


Diversity as the key for success

We live in a multicultural society where people with different backgrounds have to live and work together. By handling interculturality differently in your business, your business will be more profitable. What is diversity and how to handle it? Discover the importance of a diversity policy.


Change is development

The Age of Disruption is a fact and everyone has to accept it. Change is inevitable but as a human being we are not always excited about it. What do we think about change? It is essential to make progress. By embracing change, we guarantee our existence and we keep our goals in sight.


Growing by goals 

Why do you wake up in the morning? By setting up goals, individuals and businesses can make a giant leap forward. Find your personal goals and communicate the mission of your business to your employees. Because the right motivation results in growth, it’s all in the mind.


Efficient and profound communication

Successful communication begins with “total listening”. Body language, listening between the lines and silences are important parts of communication and are essential for leadership. With the right focus at the right time, you can get the most out of every conversation. We eliminate the noise and learn to connect on a deeper level.




I’ve had the opportunity to invite Rachid to our annual staff meeting, where he inspired us with his keynote speech on personal branding. His life story, combined with useful tips on boosting one’s confidence, will surely encourage my colleagues and me in our work at VDAB Oost-Vlaanderen (+/- 700 people). I wholeheartedly recommend working with Rachid, and I’m looking forward doing so again in the future.

– Adel Mouchalleh – 


On behalf of the FPS Finance diversity team:

We were very satisfied with your keynote in both French and Dutch. The learning objectives that we wanted to share with our employees in terms of diversity and inclusion were achieved. We thank you for your great flexibility and adaptability regarding the content of this webinar.

Obdel: Thank you very much Rachid for the presentation and your very moving testimonials.

Mona: Thank you very much Rachid and congratulations on your very inspiring journey.

Ahmed: Thank you for this inclusive moment in all simplicity.


– FPS Finance – 


I really recommend Rachid Et-Taïbi for anyone who is looking for a motivational speech that will leave an impact. Rachid is someone who has been motivating himself to take up one challenge after the other and to be his best self despite all of his setbacks. He has achieved this flawlessly. His international career is the best evidence of this.

– Nadine Vanesch – 


Recently I had the pleasure of attending the seminar “Achieving goals & How to be succesful in your career” given by Rachid Et-Taïbi. It was a combination of an excellent presentation, lay-out and content. This accompanied with the thoughtfully chosen words of the charismatic speaker Rachid Et-Taïbi. Delivering a powerful and universal message given in an incredible way, which can’t be done by a lot of people!

– Nathalie Delbare – 


I recommend this collaboration strongly. I had a sense of fulfillment and learned a lot which has helped me to take some major decisions in my life. Thank you Rachid for being there and that I could always rely on you.

– Jessica Kappert – 


I’m really happy I made that decision of attending Rachid Et-Taïbi’s talk because I was hesitant at first but I’m happy I finally attended because I really got inspired by your talk. You were quite encouraging especially for us the colored people in a foreign land and relating it with your experience too. I hope we get to have more of your speeches.

– Hilda Diang – 


Rachid Et-Taïbi came as an alumnus to our business school to motivate the students so that they can achieve their goals. To do this he returned to his Moroccan roots. By the many questions asked at the of his speech, you could tell that a lof students see Rachid as a role model. All the more so because he had the same education as the students and this showed that they could have the same opportunities as Rachid.

– Astrid Druyts – 


Within the course ‘Professional Development’ in the bachelor programme Officemanagement of Arteveldehogeschool, Rachid gave an ‘inspirational session’ on how to turn obstacles into opportunities to grow. Students were especially inspired by the manner in which the session was given. Rachid is humble, down-to-earth, realistic but positive. He motivated our students to persist when feeling challenged and taught them that building resilience is key to turning challenges into success.

– Annelies Groenweghe – 

A very special experience!

During these 5 days you live in a different world, a world close to nature where time and WiFi are not central and where you gradually get detached from all material things.
The incredible hospitality of the family, where sharing and togetherness are central, makes you think about what is really important in life.
Ninety-five percent of what ended up on our plate came from their garden. In this way you pay attention to the fact how much time, love, labor and care it requires to prepare a meal.
Five days seem short, but long enough to bring you back to the essence of life.
Thanks to Rachid and his team to realize all this and to the family for their hospitality.


– Marlies – 
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